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Who are our community?

Posted by: Chris

Date: 14.03.21

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently is what is it that the Blend Kitchen community has in common? Quite often when we’re applying for funding we get asked who are the people that benefit from the work Blend Kitchen does, something that in reality is actually not that simple to answer to a funder. I created Blend Kitchen to benefit everyone from the people we employ, the volunteers we train, the customers who enjoy our food, the people who attend a Blend Kitchen event as well as our Ambassador’s and Patron. As such, the reality is, it’s people my right hand man Justin refers to us ‘our tribe’ who benefit. Our tribe come from all walks of life, all socio-economic backgrounds and from a range of cultural legacy’s  with a common view point that everyone matters and has something to positive to contribute.

This week our Ambassador Lloyd Samuels popped in for a catch up. I’ve known of Lloyd’s work for a number of years and thanks to his friendship with Justin, it was great when he became a Blend Kitchen Ambassador. If you don’t know Lloyd, he’s got fingers in lots of pies ranging from the live music scene to youth engagement work. One incredibly exciting project Lloyd is involved in is ‘Pattern & Push’ , a talent competition showcasing artists writing songs with positive lyrics. Lloyd played us a song written by a 14 year old and we were absolutely blown away!  Discussing the possibility to give these artists participating in Pattern & Push we agreed to hosting some ‘listening parties’ for some of the artists Lloyd is working with when we open.

Another familiar face passed by the other day, Chris, an old regular of our from Pinstone Street. Chris ate with us every Wednesday lunch time after finishing his choir group at the City Hall. He is a genuinely lovely man who has so much time for the Blend Kitchen team and buys into the Blend Kitchen tribe. He is of the older generation and lives with his wife in Crosspool I believe. It was great to see him on his daily lock down walk round the area and we can’t wait to welcome him to the new Blend Kitchen when we open next month.

This week has provided us all with a stark reminder that we need to challenge the societal view some men continue to hold towards women. Endemic views that force people to live in fear  are something that I know everyone in the Blend Kitchen tribe abhor. We will continue to do all we can to counter any negative mindset anyone holds whether it be towards a woman, a young person, someone with a mental health condition, someone from a ethnic minority background or any other marginalised community by bringing people together and helping build understanding.

I’ll have another update next week including details of our outside opening next month and how you can book a table when we open.

Have a great week and thanks for taking the time to read this.